They are on a level mentally. — Они одного мнталитета.

She'll bring him to her level. — Она доведет его до своего уровня.

He is not of her level. — Он ей не пара.

The water is on a level with the banks. — Вода вровень с берегами.

He is a professional, but not on a high level. — Он профессионал, но не очень высокого класса.

The accident reduced all the passengers to one level. — Авария поставила всех пассажиров в одно положение.

- intermediate level
- dead level
- record level
- world level
- comprehension level
- people on various levels of development
- a level crossing
- level tablespoon of salt
- level indicator
- level of the water
- level of unemployment
- vast level of the dessert
- level of the coast
- level of performance
- level of production
- level of defence spending
- shining level of the lake
- change in price level
- change of level
- people on the level
- books for the advanced level
- at the same level
- on various levels
- on a professional level
- far above the usual level
- far above the ordinary level
- above the sea level
- at ground level
- on a purely practical level
- on a conversational level
- at all levels in the union
- at a local level
- below the sea level
- at prices below black-market level
- below the danger level
- on a high-school level
- on the college level
- at government level
- at Cabinet level
- below the general level of the class
- on varying levels
- on a policy-making level
- add three level tablespoons of smth
- arrive to the pre-war level
- be on the same level of knowledge
- be on a level with the window
- be in a deep level of depression
- be on a level with the latest investigations
- check the oil level
- come down to this level
- come to bottom level
- consider the problem at the ministerial level
- discuss the matter at the highest level
- drop to a level of 1000 feet
- sink to a level of 1000 feet
- find one's own level
- get to the required level
- give a level
- go down to smb's level
- keep a constant level
- raise the intellectual level of the people
- raise the issue on a low level
- reach the prewar level
- reduce smb to the level of beasts
- reach a higher level
- reduce to one level
- talk on a purely professional level
(1.) Существительное level с предшествующим определением, указывающим на объект, взятый в качестве точки отсчета уровня, употребляется без артикля: at roof (pavement, eye, ground) level на уровне крыши (тротуара, глаз, земли). (2.) See depth, n; USAGE (1.), (2.). (3.) See height, n; USAGE (1.).

Большой англо-русский учебный словарь сочетаемости. . 2010.

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